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  • Building Comparison: Roof Tiles Versus Metal Roofing

    1 Dec, 2014 | 1,075 views

    The roof of your home protects interior spaces from the elements and can help to control energy usage, but with so many different options on today’s market, it’s not always easy to know which material is the best choice for your individual property. When you’re shopping for a new property, considering renovations for your existing structure or planning a new construction project, however, it becomes vitally important to build a basic understanding of the most popular roofing materials in order to make an informed decision. Choosing between roof tiles and metal roofing doesn’t have to be a difficult proposition; you just have to learn a bit about the benefits and drawbacks associated with each product.

    Roof Tiles: Pros and Cons
    Roof tiles of either terracotta or concrete have been popular across Australia for decades. In the past, there were significant differences between these two materials which made it important for homeowners to consider the relative benefits and drawbacks of each, but advances in manufacturing technology have created a more level playing field. These days, the differences between the two are negligible.

    • Pros: Roof tiles provide a higher level of insulation, both thermal and acoustic. They can help to reduce energy costs attributed to heated or cooled air loss, and to muffle most outdoor noise to create a quieter, more peaceful home interior. Most roof tiles will come with a fifty-year weather resistance warranty,
    • Cons: Broken or damaged roof tiles require prompt attention, as neglecting to obtain repairs can cause more extensive damage. Also, ridge caps for both concrete and terracotta roof tiles need periodic rebedding. Moss or lichen growth can be a common issue in some regions, though specialists can remove such growth with relative ease.

    Metal Roofing: Pros and Cons

    The popularity of metal roofing is growing across Australia, with many homeowners choosing it over the more traditional concrete or terracotta roof tiles. Depending upon your aesthetic preferences and unique living situation, it may also be an ideal choice for your home. Still, to make an accurate determination, it’s wise to learn a bit more about metal roofing before making a final decision.

    • Pros: The wide colour selection of metal roofing makes it easy to match any exterior colour scheme, and the natural characteristics of the material make it highly resistant to hail damage. Due to its classification as a non-combustible roofing material, it’s also one of the most fire-safe options. Because most metal roofing is comprised of recycled material, it’s also a strong choice for the ecologically-minded.
    • Cons: Though most metal roofing products are treated to protect against rust and corrosion, it is a possibility. In some cases, metal can disrupt electronic device reception. Falling rain on metal roofing can be louder than it would be on tile surfaces, but there are ways to minimise potential noise.

    Metal roofing and roof tiles offer unique aesthetic and practical qualities, so it’s always a wise idea for homeowners to balance their expectations against the individual characteristics of each material. While both of these options do offer impressive durability, it’s also important to maintain both tiles and metal roofing products in order to ensure the safety and protection of your home. Working with a professional building inspection company can help you to spot any areas of potential damage or degradation.

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