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    13 Jun, 2013 | 30 views

    If you are considering undertaking ANY work to a pre-1983 building (even as simple as drilling a hole in a wall) please make sure that the building material you are drilling into or working with is not ASBESTOS.

    Any flat sheet building material found in pre-1983 houses, especially in the wet areas, may contain asbestos.

    Asbestos can also be found in internal wall linings, eave linings, heater flues, metre boards, and older style gas heaters and in other areas.

    Mould growing on older asbestos roofs can also be an indicator that the protective finish on your roof has worn away allowing dangerous fibres to escape into the atmosphere.

    Please don’t try and remove the mould with a high pressure hose, as one of our home owner clients did recently.

    IF in doubt seek expert advice and have the asbestos tested. Houspect can recommend Asbestos specialist contractors if required.