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Preparing for the Market: Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

You’re ready for a change and have decided to put your home on the market; now what? Getting your home ready to sell can require a series of upgrades and changes, especially if you’re motivated to sell as quickly as possible. While there are some things you can’t change, you may be surprised by just how much mileage you get from relatively small changes. Learn how to get your home ready for the real estate market, and to boost your chances of a quick sale.

Building Your “Ready to Sell” Renovation Budget
All but the luckiest homeowners will need to make some changes to their homes in order to make it more attractive to prospective buyers, but it’s important to carefully balance your renovation or upgrade budget. Too little, and your home may languish on the market for longer than you’d like. Too much, and you probably won’t see a complete return on your investment.

Paint is a relatively cheap investment which has high potential for return, provided you choose the right colors. Even if your personal tastes tend more towards bright or very dark colors, potential buyers need to be able to see themselves in your home. This means that neutral colors are almost always a better bet than cutting-edge hues or jewel tones. A thorough deep cleaning is another way to add sparkle to your home without breaking the budget. Look for inexpensive upgrades with the potential for big impact, so you can make room in the budget for more important, expensive updates which may be necessary.

Preparing for the Market with Inspections
Prospective buyers are heavily advised to invest in pre-purchase building inspection reports in order to protect their own interests, but some may balk at the idea of spending money out of pocket to have a home they’re merely considering evaluated by a professional building inspector. Choosing to invest in obtaining an inspection report allows you to prove your home is in sound condition, potentially saving your buyers a bit of money while providing a strong incentive for them to submit an Offer and Acceptance form.

Having a professional building inspection conducted before you put your home on the market also provides you with something of an advantage over homeowners who choose to wait for the results of a report obtained by a potentially interested buyer: no surprises. It’s not uncommon for promising sales to be derailed by a less than glowing home inspection report, and it can be difficult to regain your momentum if a sale falls through. The best way to avoid being surprised by deal-breaker defects or faults is to have your home inspected before listing the property, so that you’re able to make informed investments regarding upgrades and repairs.

Before you start a costly kitchen renovation or home extension to prepare your property for the market, consider the benefits of having a professional building inspection report on hand as a guide for repairs and investments. This can help you to direct your energy toward the most productive areas, and to increase your chances of making a sale in short order.

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