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Hardy Plants that Last All Year Round

hardy plants

No matter where you live in Northern Territory, hardy plants that last all year round will add a touch of flare to your garden. The problem is, not all plants can cope with the varying climates found in Northern Territory gardens.

There are plenty of old favourites, but if you want a garden that stands out from the rest, Houspect has recommendations on the best hardy plants for you. These plants are not only hardy, they will paint your garden in wonderful colours from spring to winter.

It is important to keep in mind that plants need proper care, even when they are hardy plants that last all year round. Always buy your seeds and plants from a reputable supplier, and make sure they are cared for and nurtured for the best results.


They may not look very resilient, but this hardy little flower can withstand the worst the tropics have to offer, and looks good doing it, too. Ideal for interspersing among the other plants in your garden, coneflowers can add some much needed colour to a garden when other plants begin to wilt.

When purchasing coneflower plants, it is important to ask about the specific type of flower you are buying. Each variation of coneflower is unique, so the hardiness of your plants will also vary.


If you try searching for barrenwort seeds in Northern Territory, you may run into trouble. Instead, search for suppliers of Epimedium seeds. They are both the same thing; however, suppliers normally list this plant under its proper name.

We have included barrenwort in this list as it is one of those plants that is affected by weather, yet still retains its beauty throughout the year. Barrenwort leaves change colour throughout the year, breathing new life into your garden from season to season.


As we mentioned earlier, proper plant care is an essential aspect of ensuring that even the hardiest of plants stay that way. However, you won’t have to worry too much about sedum. This is one of the hardiest plants you will ever find.

Sedum is more than capable of contending with the various climates found in Northern Territory Australia. As long as the plant is watered and cared for properly, you can sit back and enjoy how much this hardy little plant adds to your garden.

Japanese silver grass

Japanese silver grass is a great structural plant for your garden. You can create contrast in your landscape with this plant, and it is hardy enough to last through the entire year. Japanese silver grass is extremely versatile, allowing you to use it for multiple effects in your garden.

As a plant, Japanese silver grass requires next to no maintenance. You can use it in flowerbeds, to line walkways, or as a decorative lining for entryways to various areas of your garden. The uses for Japanese silver grass in your garden are only limited by your imagination.

Siberian Iris

Through storms and drought, the Siberian iris is a plant that always prevails. Strikingly beautiful in full bloom, this hardy plant is coveted by gardeners the world over. Add some extra colour to your garden with a flower that is both attractive and enduring with the Siberian Iris.

If you dabble in flower arranging, the Siberian iris is also a welcome inclusion in any bouquet. With rich colours of purple and white, your arrangements will benefit from one of the most resilient flowers on Earth.

There are many more plants that will offer all year solutions for your garden. It is important to confirm with seed and plant suppliers before making a purchase, however. Some plants may last the entire year, yet remain dormant during the autumn and winter months.

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