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What’s the Best Lawn Grass to Grow in Darwin

lawn grass

Your home’s curb appeal is greatly enhanced by attractive landscaping, which also depends on choosing the best lawn grass for where you live. In a tropical region like the Northern Territory, a solid choice for your lawn grass needs to address some key considerations. If you are shopping for turf in Darwin, it’s a good idea to base your selection on these factors.

Lawn Maintenance

Whatever type of grass you decide to plant in your yard will need some amount of upkeep. How much and how often will vary between the available types. Some grass types don’t do well without regular maintenance, particularly in places like Darwin with extensive dry seasons.

A good choice for lawn grass in Darwin when low maintenance is a major concern is Bahia grass. This species is notable for its deep roots and hardy resilience to drought. Bahia will thrive in a wide assortment of soil types. If your Darwin soil is clay or sand, Bahia will provide a dense, even carpet of green for your home’s exterior.

Argentine Bahia grass is a good low-maintenance, durable grass type for Darwin homes. If you’re willing to grow and maintain this species from seed, it will pay dividends once it has matured.

Carpet grass is another option for homes with a more sandy or acidic soil. This species is less tolerant of drought, however, and will need considerable maintenance through the NT dry season.

Tropical carpet grass is a good choice for those wanting a low maintenance species with good colour year-round. It will, however, require regular watering during drought.

Water Efficiency

The Northern Territory tropical climate makes it imperative that your lawn can survive through long rainless months. To offset the lack of rainfall, homeowners are obligated to irrigate their lawns to keep them healthy. Darwin weather also tends to be humid with torrential monsoons contrasting the dry season. A proper choice of lawn grass will be a species that can both withstand the rainless periods with minimal watering, as well as drain off the heavy rains.

Queensland blue couch offers excellent resistance to weeds and does well in Darwin weather, but will need to be watered throughout the dry season as it is not as tolerant of drought.

Argentine Bahia lawn grass offers several advantages to Darwin homeowners. This species is quite tolerant of drought as well as wear, which will provide a green and even spread for your lawn year-round. When rain season comes, your Argentine Bahia lawn will also drain efficiently. Additionally, the Argentine species of Bahia grass is a good choice for the Darwin homeowner who wants a more user-friendly lawn. Having fewer spicules, or spurs, than other species and high durability, Argentine Bahia grass makes for a more comfortable lawn for bare feet and kids at play.

Best Choice of Lawn Grass for You

Your options for a good-looking lawn in Darwin are plentiful, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The best choice for you will largely depend on what features are most important to you and your family.  For the best balance of water efficiency and low maintenance, Bahia species will save you time and money in drought and a durable cover with good colour throughout the year. If you want help choosing the grass that would  best suit your home, contact your building inspector for recommendations.

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