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Cost Effective Cooling Options

cooling options

Are you getting a bit hot under the collar due to the Northern Territory climate? If so, you are not alone. The heat and humidity in the Northern Territory can become suffocating. Cranking up the AC is obviously tempting, but it will cost you.

When you rely on an air conditioning system to cool your home, you are accepting the additional costs that come with it. As a homeowner in Northern Territory, there are cost effective cooling options that will drive down those costs.

Efficient Home Design

If you are building a home, adequate ventilation is a must. When your home traps hot air, the natural inclination is to blast the air conditioning in order to cool down. Ventilation should allow air to natural flow through your home, preventing hot air from accumulating in any living space.

Nature can also act as a protective barrier against the constant onslaught of the Northern Territory sun. By planting large trees that shade your home, you can greatly reduce your energy costs during the summer. Extended eaves are another option for providing shade to a home in the Northern Territory.

Dark coloured roofs retain heat. You can offset heat retention by painting your roof with lighter colours. Alternatively, reflective roofing materials will prevent the rays of the sun from bombarding your home and creating a heat trap. If you are feeling particularly eco-friendly, solar panels on your roof will harness the energy of the sun and provide electricity to reduce your energy bills.

Design your home in such a way that your main living areas are not in the direct path of the sun. With the sun driving in from the west, it makes sense to orientate your home in such a way that living areas are located away from the sun’s path.

Maximising Energy Efficiency

Fans use very little energy, yet provide optimum energy efficiency. They help move air around your home which is an effective form of ventilation. An open plan home is also a good idea as it allows for better air flow during the warmer months of the year.

Even if you like your privacy, you can still ensure that the air flow in your home is energy efficient. Louver shades provide ideal air flow while still allowing you to lock out the world. Adjustable ventilation is the most energy efficient choice. The climate in Northern Territory is notoriously unpredictable, so having control over your ventilation is essential.

Apps and devices are available that will help you monitor and control your energy usage. You can control your home’s energy output while you are on the go. If you forget to turn the AC off while you are away from home, you can adjust your AC to save your energy bills.

Promote consciousness of energy efficiency in your family circle. This is a team effort. If everyone is on the same page you can make significant savings on your energy bill. Set rules for AC levels and control of air flow throughout your home.

Keep doors open during warmer days to allow hot air to flow through your home. Do not fully open your windows. A soft breeze flowing from room to room is much more preferable to hot air being allowed to gather in a confined space.

When you are buying or building a home, construction inspections are useful. A construction inspection will shed light on defects that may affect the energy efficiency of your home. When you are fully informed, buying a home becomes much less stress free.

Houspect can provide expert inspections with full reports on the condition of properties. We want our clients to make informed decisions, based on data that is delivered by qualified builders.

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