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Comparing Timber Fencing Options

Timber Fencing

Have you started weighing your timber fencing options, only to realize there are more than you ever thought possible? With hundreds of different lumber types and dozens of fencing styles, the number of possible combinations is almost endless. Still, there are some types of timber fencing which are more commonly chosen than others. Making the right decision for your home and the surrounding property doesn’t have to be a challenge, though. Remember, the best choices are made when you balance your aesthetic needs against the more practical application of your fencing.

Settling on a Fence Type

Before you ever pick out your lumber type or treatments to keep it safe, you’ll need to settle on the type of fence you’d like to build. You won’t be able to get an accurate idea of how much timber you need or even make an informed choice about type until you know more about how it will be used.

While you’ll want your fence to look great, you’ll also want it to fulfill the need for which it is designed. Are you looking for more privacy to keep your pool or garden free of prying eyes? Is your primary goal to provide a decorative accent around your property, with less focus on privacy? Some timber fencing options are far better suited to privacy applications than others, like board or corral fences. Picket or post-and-rail styles, on the other hand, will provide a clear delineation of your property line and visual interest, but will not shield your land from neighbors’ eyes.

Common Timber Fencing Options

If you’re looking for pure functionality and privacy, a paling fence may be your best option. This is the standard privacy fence type most commonly associated with suburban properties. It tends to be an economical choice in comparison to more decorative options, and the lack of gaps between palings mean your property will be shielded adequately. While these are more functional than fashionable, you can always integrate variable height or scalloped palings to add visual interest.

Do you want to provide a clear boundary for kids and small pets while adding plenty of style to your property? Picket fences or post-and-rail may be just the ticket. Picket fences provide a more polished and friendly look to your property. Post-and-rails, generally used in farming and rural applications to retain livestock, can be a great way of adding rustic flair.

Homeowners looking to strike a balance between privacy and style may find corral or board fences more suited to their needs. Corral fencing can provide privacy while also adding an interesting visual dynamic, as the boards are typically positioned horizontally. They may also be angled to create a herringbone look.

Maintaining and Protecting Timber Fencing

Whether you’re building a brand new fence or concerned about the quality of an existing one, it’s always a good idea to work with experienced professionals along the way. Contacting a professional building inspector to carry out a thorough inspection can be the best way to ensure your new fence is free of worrying defects. Older fences, which may still be serviceable enough for you to avoid replacement for a bit longer, should also be evaluated. Protect your timber fencing; work with competent and qualified professionals for building, inspection and maintenance.

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