• Who Hires Australian Building Inspectors?

    8 Oct, 2015 | 132 views

    You know how important a pre-purchase building inspection is when you’re considering the prospect of buying a home. Still, sorting through the long list of things to do and papers to sign can make the entire purchasing process a confusing one. A common question, even among prospective buyers who know the importance of building inspections, relates to the hiring of these professionals. There are a few different considerations, depending on the type of property being inspected and who is requesting the services of a building inspector.

    Australian Building Inspectors for Pre-Purchase
    For many people, the first contact they have with building inspectors is when they set out to buy their first house. If you’ve found a house you’re interested in buying, having it looked over by qualified building inspectors is a key step in the process. With the information contained in your building inspection report, you’ll be able to make a confident purchasing decision. If there are defects or potentially problematic issues on the property, you’ll want to find out before you sign on the dotted line. You may be able to negotiate a lower price for the property based upon the urgency of needed repairs, or decide to keep looking for the home of your dreams.

    For prospective buyers seeking a pre-purchase report from building inspectors, the responsibility of hiring lies with them. You’ll need to find and hire your own building inspector before making a final offer on a home.

    Australian Building Inspectors’ Services for Sellers
    Many homeowners will offer a building inspection report to interested potential buyers as part of their marketing plan for the property, and as a sign of good faith. Agents often advise homeowners to hire a building inspector before placing their home on the market in order to help potential purchasers be fully informed about the condition of their property. This allows owners to make informed decisions about pricing, and also to avoid the unpleasant surprise of finding out their home has structural problems through a pre-purchase inspection conducted by the prospective buyers.

    Homeowners who prefer to have a full report prepared by a professional building inspector before listing their home are responsible for hiring those inspectors themselves.

    New Construction Building Inspections
    Even in the newest homes or commercial properties, building defects and structural issues can arise. For this reason, astute home or property buyers find it preferable to hire an independent, neutral party for a full evaluation of properties they are considering buying. Whether the structure is currently under construction, or has recently been completed, a professional building inspector can check for construction problems or defects which may lead to poor finishes or expensive problems in the future. A professional building inspector can also ensure all new construction is completed to Australian standards, and comply with the Australian National Construction Code.

    Inspection reports from qualified building inspectors are admissible in court as evidence, should legal action be deemed necessary. In this situation, the party responsible for hiring a building inspector may vary. Home and business owners whose properties are being built or renovated may hire an inspector, or investors or managers of commercial properties.

    Building inspections during construction, before purchase, or before selling can all have a significant, positive impact on homeowners and prospective buyers. Whether you’re a homeowner in need of a pre-sale inspection, a prospective buyer or a prospective investor looking to ensure your money is wisely spent, the assistance of a professional building inspector can provide real peace of mind and make all the difference.

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