• Potential Risks of Working with Unlicensed Tradespeople

    16 Jan, 2015 | 366 views

    While they can increase your property value and the livability of your home, extensions or renovation projects can be quite expensive. In search of ways to cut costs, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to opt for unlicensed tradespeople over professional builders, though many don’t realize just how serious a risk they’re taking by choosing to do so.

    How Unlicensed Tradespeople Present a Risk to Homeowners

    Unlicensed tradespeople are not subjected to the same oversight as registered builders, which means you could end up spending far more in the long run on repairs and revisions to substandard work. Should you choose to hire an unlicensed tradie to handle renovations, extensions or any other construction project, you’re also consenting to have work done on your property which cannot be insured.

    Though some unlicensed tradesmen may be competent and capable of performing any building work they’re hired to do without major flaw, you as a consumer have no way of knowing they’re reliable. Their very lack of a license can also underscore some important points about their character, as they’re choosing to work illegally rather than putting forth the effort to obtain the relevant licensing. While a license also doesn’t guarantee quality workmanship, working with only licensed builders means you do have some recourse if a project is marred by poor quality or bad building decisions.

    How to Protect Your Home and Property

    The desire to minimize costs is understandable, especially in view of just how quickly home improvement projects can exceed the allocated budget. Still, it’s important to understand the difference between reasonable savings and risky decisions with the potential to far outweigh the value of initial savings. In addition to ensuring that all tradespeople working on your home improvement or construction project have obtained the proper licensing, you can also protect your interests and investments by providing an extra layer of oversight for the builders and tradespeople working on your property.

    Stage construction inspections are multi-phase evaluations which appraise the quality of workmanship at every step, making sure your project is completed in a manner which meets the Australian Standards and assures you of long-lasting, structurally sound home improvements. These evaluations, when conducted by a professional building inspection company, provide a neutral third party. In the event that mediation is required or disputes with builders arise, your registered building inspector can also provide those services.

    Protect your property and make sure you’re getting the best possible value for your investment by budgeting for builder oversight through stage construction inspections. You’ll be able to enjoy your new property addition with peace of mind, knowing the work is of adequate quality and is structurally sound enough for your family to enjoy for years to come.

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