• Getting the Most from Your Home Extension Project

    7 Jan, 2015 | 134 views

    There are a wide array of benefits associated with a home extension project, not least of which are more livable space in your home and an increased property value. Still, it’s important for homeowners to maximize the value of such projects in order to reap optimal benefits. Getting the most from your home extension project doesn’t mean cutting corners and slashing costs, but creating value and meeting specific needs.

    How Cheaper Home Extensions Aren’t Always Better

    It’s human nature to want the highest possible impact for the lowest dollar price. While it’s admirable and financially sound to save money in reasonable ways, it’s easy to take a thrifty ethos too far, running the risk of costing yourself even more money in the long run.

    Skimping on materials, hiring unlicensed tradespeople to conduct your building work and engaging in illegal building are a great way to save a few dollars in the most immediate sense, but can and almost always do come back to haunt you eventually. Shoddy workmanship degrades and costs money to repair, retroactive council approval is not guaranteed and you will likely be held liable for any injuries or property damages resulting from illegal building. To maximise value from your home extension:

    • work with reputable builders
    • obtain council approval
    • budget carefully
    • ensure quality workmanship

    How to Be Sure Your Builder is Reputable

    The Internet makes it easier than ever to vet potential builders, perusing reviews and customer service ratings to get a more accurate view of a particular professional’s reputation. Still, it almost always makes good financial sense to invest in measures which ensure quality workmanship, like stage construction inspections.

    Stage construction inspections are multi-phase inspections which evaluate your home extension building project at various stages, throughout completion. These inspections should be conducted by registered building inspection companies, which are neutral parties with no financial stake in the project other than ensuring it’s completed adequately and in keeping with all building regulations. Stage construction inspections allow your builder to be made aware of any potential issues or violations before the next phase of construction, making correction easier and more efficient.

    Even the best-looking home extension project will be a costly, inefficient waste of money if it must be torn out and rebuilt, so the best way of ensuring you’re getting the most from your project is to invest in third-party oversight. While these services can add a bit to the overall cost of the project, they can help you to save substantial amounts of money over the course of your home ownership by minimising the necessity for repairs or council-ordered correction. Before breaking ground on a home extension, consider the many benefits of working with a registered building inspector who can ensure quality and legal compliance every step of the way.

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