• Five simple steps if you think the home you’re building has defects

    10 Apr, 2013 | 55 views

    If you are concerned that building work being completed on your new home is defective, incomplete or different to your contract, here’s what to do.

    Firstly discuss the issue with your builder. Talk to your builder and describe what you believe the problem to be. Try to remain calm and business-like as this generally gets better results. Even if the builder agrees to remedy the defect, send a letter to the builder, confirming your conversation and the agreed actions.

    If you disagree about the defects, engage an independent building consultant to inspect the work and confirm you have a reasonable case. Make sure your inspector is a qualified licensed builder, as this will carry more weight if the dispute goes further.

    Keep a record of all conversations you have with the builder and take photographs of the work in question – Make sure you date-stamp of all pictures, and keep copies of all documents relating to your case. If you do not get a satisfactory response, place your complaint in writing:

    • state clearly what you want and when you require the response.
    • send this to the builder by registered mail.

    Note: Many State Governments offer free assistance and advice about defective work when building, renovating, extending or repairing a house. Visit your State website to find out more.