• Mortgage Brokers: Improve Client Relations and Build Better Relationships

    17 Nov, 2014 | 172 views

    Since the global financial crisis and resultant hit to the housing market, Australian mortgage brokers have been facing a series of professional changes, including a shift in public perception. Working with prospective buyers as they seek out their dream home can be a rewarding and fulfilling career path, but it’s also one in which fostering strong relationships is vital. Satisfied clients are a great source of referrals, and will eagerly encourage anyone around them considering the purchase of a property to visit with the broker with whom they’ve built a great relationship. On the same token, dissatisfied clients or those who feel little reason for loyalty may be just as eager to steer their friends and family elsewhere.

    While there are myriad ways in which mortgage brokers can work to build better relationships with their clients, some of them may not be immediately obvious. Recommending other service providers, particularly professional building inspectors, can be one of those surprisingly effective methods.

    How Professional Building Inspectors Assist Mortgage Brokers
    When you strongly urge prospective buyers to pursue thorough inspections, and recommend a professional building inspector with the relevant experience and a strong reputation, you’re providing your clients with an added layer of security and protection. You’re also providing them with the perception that you’re actively working for their benefit, which can help to foster the all-important professional relationship.

    Purchasing a home, especially for first time buyers, can be a stressful and daunting as it is exciting. There’s no shortage of potential pitfalls, a fact those buyers know to be true. Most will welcome a bit of guidance, especially from someone within the industry who understands what they’re facing. By encouraging your clients to pursue the services of a professional building inspector, you’re providing them with that guidance while protecting your own interests by helping to ensure their ability to honor a mortgage agreement.

    The Importance of Professional Building Inspections
    Taking ownership of a property which has not been thoroughly inspected poses a substantial risk for new homeowners, who will be financially responsible for any damages, injuries or repairs stemming from undetected faulty work or structural depreciation. For buyers who have stretched their budgets and largely depleted their resources to make a home purchase, obtaining repairs and addressing previously hidden issues can often be prohibitively expensive. Helping your clients to protect themselves by avoiding unexpected repairs, or losses resulting from structural damage, also helps them to plan more successfully for the future.

    Build better, stronger relationships with your clients by stressing the importance of thorough pre-purchase inspections. Your clients will benefit from your guidance, and you’ll benefit from potentially valuable networking connections which channel referrals in the future.

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