• Preventative Maintenance Considerations for Strata Managers

    17 Nov, 2014 | 130 views

    Strata managers are charged with not only the maintenance and upkeep on a building, but also appropriations fromsinking funds and special levies, which can potentially add a layer of stress to the position. While there are many ways to help minimize the risk of substantial repairs or unexpected damages, one of the best and most effective ways for strata managers to protect themselves and the communities they manage is through a rigorously attended preventative maintenance schedule.

    Building a Preventative Maintenance Schedule
    For strata managers who are new to a particular community or those who have struggled to organize a maintenance schedule, it’s often beneficial to establish a baseline for neededrepairs or upgrades. This will require a thorough evaluation of the property, and working with a reputable, professional building inspection company is the best way of discovering hidden defects, areas of neglect or impending repair needs.

    Special levies and withdrawals from the sinking fund can cause concern for the occupants within a strata scheme, especially if they’re large and mostly unexpected. With a thorough report from a professional building inspector, you’ll be better equipped to notify all involved parties about both impending repairs and the need for payment arrangements. You’ll also be able to start building a preventative maintenance schedule which addresses common issues early, before they become significant defects or a safety risk.

    Strata Managers and Building Safety
    Ultimately, the responsibility for keeping the entire building as safe as possible and in good repair falls to strata managers. Neglecting to keep up with preventative maintenance tasks can not only risk the structural integrity and overall safety of a building in the short term, but can also lead to significant problems which are very costly and time consuming to repair as conditions continue to degrade. Working with a professional building inspector to create a preventative maintenance schedule is one of the best and most effective ways of keeping an eye on any potential issues which could be brewing out of view, while preventing simple neglect from contributing to damages or unsafe conditions.

    Vital building elements like roofing, guttering, decking and balconies and the foundation will need to be inspected and attended to with preventative measures on a regular basis. The recommended schedule for attention will depend upon not only the current condition and age of these elements, but also the building materials used to construct them. Get a better and more accurate view of your building’s condition, upcoming repairs and areas of concern by working with a professional building inspector to create a baseline schedule upon which a repair and maintenance timeline can be built. This allows you to not only keep up with building maintenance properly, but also to keep strata owners informed and aware of upcoming community needs.

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