• Preparing for Storm Season

    19 Feb, 2015 | 91 views

    While storm season in Western Australia officially runs from May through October, it’s always a good idea for property owners to prepare for the coming season in advance. Protecting your investment before the last minute allows you to not only prevent potential damage for the season to come, but also gives you an opportunity to mitigate any damage which may have gone undetected from last year. By entering the storm season prepared for what’s to come, you’re actively working to keep your property, and your investments, safe from environmental harm.

    Storm Season Preparedness Checklist

    In addition to building maintenance and repairs, there are some simple tasks homeowners can take on to ensure they’re ready for the storm season. Before rains begin, make sure to:

    • Clear downpipes and gutters to prevent clogs or overflow
    • Secure any loose furniture, decor or other objects in unsheltered areas
    • Evaluate existing insurance coverage to make sure it’s adequate
    • Draft an emergency plan detailing what should be done if you and your family must leave the property
    • Check trees for any low or weakened branches to prevent detachment and property damage in high winds
    • Put together an emergency kit containing first aid supplies, spare batteries, torches and portable radios

    When storms approach, you should always be prepared for the likelihood of losing electrical power and high winds. This means keeping your emergency kit within reach, and taking steps to secure any loose items when storms are part of the weather forecast.

    Preventing Property Damage During Storm Season

    While there are plenty of things homeowners can do to keep their property safe during storm season, it’s important to also know when to call in the professionals. Storms can cause property damage which isn’t always apparent at first, opening the door to more extensive trouble when repairs are neglected.

    Well before storm season begins, it’s a good idea to have your home or commercial property thoroughly evaluated by a professional building inspector. A professional inspection report keeps you apprised of any damage or areas of necessary repair which may have otherwise gone undetected until storm season exacerbates existing conditions. For instance, roofing materials which have been loosened or damaged by previous storms aren’t always apparent to the naked eye, but can leave areas of weakness with the potential to cause leaks or even severe roof damage as the storm season approaches.

    Early preparation lets you take advantage of clear weather conditions before the season begins, and gives you time to address any lurking issues before they become a serious issue. With the help of a professional building inspector and a dedication to preparedness, you can make sure your home or commercial property is ready to weather the storm season intact.

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