• Problem Property Investigation Reports

    16 Jan, 2015 | 88 views

    Regular maintenance, and sometimes even extensive repairs, are a necessary part of home ownership. When something goes wrong on your property, you may be faced with a different diagnosis and plan of action from each trades person or repair technician you consult, sometimes with widely varying cost estimates. For many homeowners facing property damage or necessary repairs, it’s easier, more efficient and more financially sound to obtain a single diagnosis from one neutral source.

    How Problem Property Investigation Reports Save You Time and Money
    Working with tradespeople and repair technicians can be confusing when you face issues like rising damp, foundation cracks or other structural issues. Most will have their own solution to the problem, and their plan of action may not always be slanted in your favor. After all, tradespeople and repair professionals earn a greater profit when your costs rise, so they have a vested interest in finding extensive, costly fault.

    What many homeowners do not realize, though, is that there is an alternative solution for discovering the source of structural issues. A registered building inspection company can evaluate your home or commercial property to determine the root cause of damaging issues with a problem property investigation report.

    What is a Problem Property Report?
    Unlike tradespeople and repair professionals, who have a financial stake in the findings of a diagnostic evaluation, a professional building inspection company is able to act as a thoroughly neutral party with extensive expertise in the building trades. While the best professional building inspectors are registered builders, they’re not in the business of providing repairs or building services, so there’s no risk for conflict of interest. You’re able to find out the exact cause of problems or structural issues on your property, how the issue should be addressed and what steps should be taken to conduct necessary repairs.

    This report provides you with not only a clear and unbiased report detailing the presence of any existing property problems, but also a plan of action when the time comes for repairs. A comprehensive report and detailed plan for repairs allows you to eliminate wide disparities in repair methods and costs between several tradespeople, ensuring that you’re getting the right repair work done for a fair price. Your problem investigation report will also include a cost estimate based upon building materials and average labor costs in your area, so you’ll be better equipped to budget for the repairs your home needs.

    If you’re facing a problem with your home or commercial property and aren’t sure how to rectify the issue, consider working with a reputable building inspection company to get a problem investigation report before you start calling tradespeople. You may be able to save money by preventing unnecessary repairs while ensuring the safety and structural integrity of your building.

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