• Winter Weather

    6 Jun, 2013 | 49 views

    Keeping warm in winter may be as simple as turning up your heater, but these days that option is becoming very expensive.

    Saving, or conserving the heat in the first place, is a much better option.

    Here are a few simple, often over looked, suggestions:

    • Winter storms can sometimes move the insulation around in your roof to the point where it is not functioning correctly. From time to time check that the batts
    • (Insulation panels) are lying flat and are in place, that any blow in insulation has not blown to one side of the roof space, and if so spread the insulation around so there is even coverage. Please be aware of electric cabling whilst attending to this matter or organise a professional insulation person to attend.
    • Most doors have a gap between the bottom of the door and the floor .This gap allows an enormous amount of heat to escape from a room and for the cold outside air to be blown into a room, especially the front door .A simple door sock or even a rolled up towel placed over this gap will help keep the heat inside a room .
    • Heating a whole house is more expensive than heating just the rooms you want to use, so ensure all unused rooms are kept closed .
    • Windows that are not shut tightly will let volumes of hot air escape and cold air in. Make sure these windows are shut tight and that curtains and blinds are drawn.

    Houspect, Buy, Build and Invest with Confidence.