• Building Commission Reports

    Building Commission Reports

    6 Aug, 2015 | 194 views

    Is your brand new home seeming like more of a unpleasant experience due to shoddy construction, low quality materials or builder negligence instead of the dream build you envisaged ? While no one wants to go through the process of preparing a report to file with the Building Commission regarding such faults, it can be a necessary and unfortunate part of having a new home built. Many new homeowners, already overwhelmed by the problems in their new houses, find the process of preparing the requisite reports to be even more nerve-wracking. Find out how you can get the help you need to rectify trouble in your new home by working with a professional building inspection company.

    What are Building Commission Reports?

    Anyone who has been negatively affected by the services of a builder can lodge a complaint with the Building Commission. Many times, property owners are the ones who pursue relief through the Commission in the event of unsatisfactory building surfaces. Complainants must file their concerns in writing as part of a report in order to satisfy the requirements of the Building Commissioner to lodge a complaint. This report will play a substantial role in the determination of fault, and deciding whether your building services were unsatisfactory in the eyes of the law.

    Reports must be filed within six years of the project’s completion, though there are some exemptions to this time limit.

    Getting the Help You Need with Building Commission Reports

    As with so many things related to governmental procedure, lodging a formal complaint with the Building Commission can be complicated for those without some experience. For the vast majority of homeowners facing such situations, the best and most effective course of action is to work with a professional building inspection company who can help you prepare a report suitable for the Building Commission.

    An expertly prepared report outlines the faults or defects contained within your property, which in turn makes it easier for the Building Commission to make their determination. With a proper report containing the findings of a neutral, unbiased professional within the building trades, your complaint may be recognized as legitimate. Because this is such an important part of your life, it’s always wise to work with a professional who can help you navigate the process more confidently.

    Your home is one of the most substantial investments you’ll ever make; don’t let poor workmanship or major defects go unanswered. Contact a reputable, experienced building inspection company to find out how you can prepare the reports you need to properly pursue relief.

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