Tax Depreciation Reports

Houspect works with Registered Tax Agents (RTAs) and qualified Quantity Surveyors to deliver Tax Depreciation Reports for investment property owners. Where a property generates assessable income, the property owner may be eligible to claim for tax depreciations applicable to commercial and residential buildings and strata properties over the life of the asset.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) allows owners and investors of income-producing property to claim a tax deduction for this depreciation in the value of the building. This also applies to some of the building fixtures, fittings and equipment.

What does a Tax Depreciation Report provide?

A Tax Depreciation Report provides the required data which may allow investors to maximise the property investment depreciation deductions as entitled under ATO legislation through allowable costs and depreciation claims.

During this specialised inspection, our Building Inspector gathers the relevant data and information required by Registered Tax Agents and Quantity Surveyors to perform the calculations necessary to complete the requisite Depreciation Schedules for the Report.

Does the Houspect Tax Depreciation Report comply with ATO Guidelines?

Houspect Tax Depreciation Reports are prepared by qualified professional Quantity Surveyors who are also Registered Tax Agents, whose responsibility it is to ensure that the Depreciation Report is compliant with relevant ATO guidelines and is then suitable for use by your Tax Adviser or Accountant.

For more information or to book a Tax Depreciation Inspection at your location, call Houspect on Ph: 9240 8855, email us at or complete our online enquiry form.

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