• Why Do I Need an Owner Builder’s Inspection Report to Sell My House?

    26 May, 2015 | 600 views

    You poured your heart and soul into your home as an owner builder, overseeing the project and making sure everything was built exactly to your personal specifications. Now it’s time to sell, and you need an owner builder’s inspection report. Why is this report so important? As an owner builder preparing to sell your house, the answer may not be as complicated as you think.

    What is an Owner Builder Inspection Report?

    In order to understand why you need an owner builder inspection report when you’re getting ready to sell your house, it’s important to first understand what this report is and what it entails.

    While the legal requirements can vary, the general rule regarding owner built homes is that selling within about seven years from the date of completion will legally require an owner building inspection report to be completed before the sale. This report, when carried out by an experienced and reputable professional building inspector, allows anyone purchasing your home to obtain an insurance policy protecting them from potential defects in the construction of your home. If you are unable to address defects resulting from your work as an owner builder, policy coverage allows the purchaser a measure of protection. In order to obtain such a policy, however, you must provide proof for the insuring party that there are no defects, work which has not been satisfactorily completed or sub-par building materials.

    How to Obtain an Owner Builder Inspection Report

    Because an owner builder inspection report is required by law in many cases and will almost certainly be required by an insuring party extending coverage to the purchaser of your home, it’s imperative to work with a qualified, professional building inspection company. Western Australia is one of the states where owner builder inspection reports are mandatory, and ordering one as part of the listing process allows you to save valuable time when a seller expresses interest in purchasing your owner built home.

    Typically, an owner builder inspection report obtained through reputable channels is valid for up to six full months from the date of creation, so a single report will almost always be sufficient for the duration of your listing and settlement period. Once you’ve ordered a owner builder home inspection report, you can then begin the business of obtaining the requisite insurance policies to protect your prospective buyer.

    By working with a professional building inspector before you have a buyer lined up for your owner built home, you can avoid delays which could derail an otherwise promising sale. Sell your home with confidence, and offer all the protection required by law to anyone planning to purchase your property; call a professional building inspector today to schedule your legally-required owner builder inspection report.

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