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  • Misconceptions about building inspections

    29 Apr, 2013 | 74 views

    Some misconceptions regarding building inspections need to be addressed.

    Building inspections can mean different things to different people, depending on who they are, what their needs may be, or even their job

    Some people are of a mind that an inspection is only a means to find faults with a home, allowing the buyer to negotiate a lower price. While that may occur, it is not the intention. The intention and scope of the inspection process is to provide information to the buyer regarding conditions of the house at the time of the inspection.

    A buyer then uses the information to make an informed decision in the purchase process. Sometimes that means renegotiating the price. Other times, it means asking for repairs to be made. Sometime it means the buyer says, “This is great. Let’s buy it”. For others, it means walking away from the deal.

    Some people think the sale of a house in “as is” condition means an inspection is not allowed. This is not true. In reality, it increases the need to know as much as possible what those conditions actually are, because there is no going back for repairs to be made.

    Some buyers think inspections cost too much money, especially on a tight budget. But think of the inspection fee this way: If you can’t afford a few hundred for an inspection, you definitely can’t afford an unexpected repair bill of a couple thousand dollars.

    It’s simple: Don’t buy a house without an inspection. You need to know all you can about the House.

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