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Why Roof Sarking is Important During Roof Repairs or Construction

Unless you’re a building professional, you may not know what roof sarking is or what role it plays in the construction of your home or commercial property. Understanding why roof sarking is important and the benefits it brings to the table is important, though, especially if you’re planning a building project on your property in the foreseeable future.

What is Roof Sarking?

In order to understand why roof sarking is important to your property, you must first understand what it is and what it does.

Roof sarking is fitted during the construction of metal or tile roofing, and is a flexible membrane typically installed beneath the battens. When it’s in place, sarking not only minimizes water and dust penetration, but also provides a substantial amount of thermal insulation to help increase the energy efficiency of your property. In areas where brush fires are common, roof sarking also protects your home by preventing airborne embers from entering roof space and reduces fire risks. This means that roof sarking is a single product which can increase your energy efficiency, make your home or commercial building less susceptible to fire and channel excess moisture into guttering, rather than into the roof space.

Why Property Owners Should Understand Roof Sarking

Your property is a long-term investment, one you’ll want to protect for as long as you hold the deed. It will also require maintenance and repairs over the course of your ownership, some of which provide you with the opportunity to invest in roof sarking for added protection.

Replacing your roof isn’t necessarily an enjoyable experience, but it is an inevitable one for most homeowners. No roof lasts forever, and when spot repairs aren’t enough, a full replacement may be called for. Fortunately, this does give you an opportunity to add roof sarking, if it’s not already present. For the most part, though, the chance to include roof sarking is usually when you’re planning a new construction project. During this time, you can ensure sarking is installed properly by investing in stage construction inspections for your new property or home extension, as this allows you to make sure building work is being completed in accordance with Australian Standards every step of the way.

Construction inspections should always be conducted by a professional building inspection company, rather than someone affiliated with your builder. By working with a third party, you’re able to get an unbiased evaluation of work quality which isn’t clouded by financial gain or conflict of interest. Make sure your roof is protected with sarking, and your entire structure is built properly, by working with a professional building inspector to keep tabs on the quality of your construction project.

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