• Why Build with Besser Blocks?

    7 May, 2015 | 9,262 views

    Whether you call them breeze blocks, cinder blocks or prefer technical terms like “concrete masonry units,” besser blocks are as underrated as they are ubiquitous. Very rarely are these versatile building materials given the credit they deserve, yet they’re an ideal option for a great many building projects. Before you start your next construction project, you may want to consider the many benefits you can reap when you choose to build with besser blocks.

    Build with Besser Blocks and Reap the Benefits

    Few materials are as durable, as reliable or as inexpensive as a besser block. They lend themselves beautifully to load-bearing walls, since they play nicely with tie beams and are easily reinforced. Those holes running through the center? They actually improve a besser block’s insulating properties while reducing the overall weight of the block. As an added bonus, they can provide the perfect space for running plumbing and electrical wires through an internal wall.

    While besser blocks are a popular choice for large-scale developments and commercial properties, they’re not really a favorite among homeowners, which can often be attributed to a perceived lack of aesthetic appeal. While a creative designer or decorator can make besser blocks a visually interesting part of the overall decor, you will want to pay attention to detail in order to make sure your besser block home is as attractive as it is efficient.

    Caring for Besser Blocks and Avoiding Potential Problems

    The single most common issue encountered by professional building inspectors and homeowners alike when it comes to homes and commercial properties built with besser blocks is a tendency towards moisture issues within the structure. Fortunately, this only occurs when the vapour barrier is absent or not functioning properly. If you’re in the process of a build with besser blocks, you’ll want to work with a professional to secure stage construction inspections, which can help you ensure that the vapour barrier is installed correctly during the building process.

    As for maintenance, the easy care is just another part of the besser block’s appeal. Annual washing as a visual inspection for visual mortar damage is advised, and any damage to the mortar should be addressed immediately. Otherwise, you’ll have very little to worry about in terms of ongoing upkeep when you choose to build with besser blocks. If you do have concerns later, or if you’re considering the purchase of a besser block home you did not have built, a qualified and experienced professional building inspector can make sure all is in good condition, and your besser block structure is holding up beautifully.

    If you’re looking for a durable, reliable building material with great insulating properties and the potential for unique aesthetics, don’t be too quick to dismiss besser blocks. You may be surprised by just how versatile these blocks can be when they’re used in thoughtful, imaginative ways.

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