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Why Female Inspectors Make Great Building Inspectors

When you call up the mental image of a professional building inspector, do you find yourself imagining a male? If you’re like much of the population, the answer to that question is probably, “yes.” While the building trades and construction industry is largely made up of men, there are plenty of qualified and experienced women working in a variety of positions. In fact, female inspectors make some of the best building inspectors, for a number of reasons.

Female Inspectors: Driven and Determined

In order to succeed in any male-dominated industry, a woman must be prepared to work longer hours and put in more effort than many of her male counterparts. Proving herself in a business made up largely of men means that a female inspector has already had to exhibit a strong affinity for the work, a broad knowledge base and the capability to not only perform the job adequately, but to perform it better than everyone around her. When you work with a female inspector, you’ll be reaping the benefits of her extensive professional knowledge, but you’ll also be working with someone who had to be more driven and more determined to succeed than most of her colleagues. This determination translates to a dedication for getting the job done right, every time.

Female inspectors, according to Housesafe Inspection Training and Education, tend to score higher on exams and assignments than their male counterparts. For you, this means that a female inspector you’re working with is likely to have been one of the top performers in her training class. Not only does she have the necessary drive to succeed in an industry where she’s in the minority; there’s quantifiable evidence indicating she’s more than qualified for the job.

Choosing a Professional Building Inspector

Whether you’re getting ready to break ground on a significant construction project or planning to purchase your very first home, you need a professional building inspector to help protect your interests. Because an investment in real estate, commercial or residential, is likely to be one of the biggest you ever make, you’ll need a knowledgeable and capable professional to ensure the integrity of any structure you build or purchase.

Make the wise choice in hiring, and select a company known for excellence with a strong reputation within the industry. Whether you’re working with a male or female inspector, choosing a company name you can trust means you won’t have to worry about their skill or experience level. Don’t make a purchasing decision, or assume ownership of a newly-built property, without the protection afforded by a high-quality, professional building inspector. When defects can be costly and time consuming to correct, it’s always important to get the job done right the very first time.

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