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Is Your Home Cyclone Ready?

No one wants to think about a natural disaster striking their home. Have you been putting off maintenance, repairs and upgrades, even though you know preparedness is the best way to protect your home, property and family against a cyclone? If so, you may not even know where to start when it comes to getting your home cyclone ready. Before a natural disaster leads to potentially catastrophic property damage and danger to your family, take the time to consider just how important it is to invest in cyclone preparedness.

Getting Cyclone Ready – How At-Risk is Your Property?

There are certain coastal regions where the risk of cyclones is of more pressing concern; particularly regions C and D. When these dangerous storms with devastating winds hit, they can cause damage in a wide variety of ways. In addition to straightforward wind damage, which can be destructive enough in its own right, a cyclone can also cause flooding due to heavy rains and rapid increases in sea level known as storm surges.

If you live in an area prone to these violent storms, making sure your home is cyclone ready is absolutely imperative. With the right protective measures in place, you can help to mitigate damage caused by rapidly rising waters, debris hurtling through the air, heavy rain and strong winds.

How to Make Sure Your Property is Cyclone Ready

There are a few maintenance concerns which can affect your home’s cyclone readiness and capability to withstand damaging storms. These include unaddressed signs of corrosion, which is of particular concern in the coastal regions where cyclones are most likely to strike. You should make sure all areas of your home, including inside the roof space, are free from signs of corrosion.

Timber rot and signs of timber pests are also common areas of damage which leave your home more vulnerable in the event of a cyclone. Moisture, pests and impact can all compromise the integrity of timber inside, outside and around your home, weakening the timber and potentially leading to trouble if a cyclone should strike Make sure your roof, gable end walls and all points of entry are properly protected to further protect your home.

Because there are so many different areas of concern when it comes to making sure your home is cyclone ready, you may find it most effective and efficient to work with a professional building inspector who understands the importance of cyclone readiness. Contacting a professional inspector also provides you with the peace of mind you need to rest assured your home is cyclone ready. With the help of an experienced, reputable and qualified professional building inspector, you can find and address any areas of concern which compromise your home’s ability to withstand cyclones.

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