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Energy Saving Tips

energy saving

Northern Territory homes can potentially use a lot of energy, resulting in inflated energy costs. As a conscientious homeowner, it is therefore prudent to save money wherever you can. Thinking in terms of energy  saving is the best way to drive down costs. You can carry out regular maintenance and adopt habits that will see your energy bills becoming significantly lower over time.

Let’s take a look at how you can save money through better use of appliances, first. Too many appliances, or appliances that are damaged, are a huge source of wasted energy.

Fridges – If you have more than one fridge at home and one of them is more of a convenience than a necessity, you should cut back to only what you actually need. Each additional refrigerator can run you up as much as $200 dollars every year on your energy bill. It is also important to ensure that your fridges are well maintained. Damaged fridge seals will affect the performance of the unit, meaning more spent for less energy saving.

Infrequently used appliances – Again, while it is convenient to have appliances such as dishwashers, dryers, and televisions plugged in constantly, you are actually paying for that luxury. Switching off any appliances that are not constantly in use will  give you energy saving.

Energy Savers – The energy efficient appliance industry is extremely competitive, given today’s push towards reducing carbon footprint. Homeowners have traditionally shied away from energy efficient appliances, believing that they come with a higher price tag than their traditional counterparts. However, purchasing appliances with a high energy star rating is an investment as you will save money in the long run.

Wash smart – Washing machines are among the most used and abused appliances in any household. Washing machines also carry a star rating, with 6 representing appliances that offer the most energy efficiency. Reducing the number of washes will further reduce energy costs. Use a cold cycle wash as much as possible to avoid unnecessary energy waste. Get rid of that electric dryer. When you live in the Northern Territory, you can take advantage of the sun’s heat for all your clothes drying needs.

Air Conditioning and Water Usage Energy Saving

Using some form of air conditioning in the Territory is unavoidable. However, that does not mean you need to have your cooling system operating on full power.

Ceiling fans – Using ceiling fans is a much more energy efficient method of staying cool in conjunction with your air conditioning. With ceiling fans helping to circulate the cool air, you can reduce your cool setting to as little as 24 degrees.

Water temperature – 60-65 degrees is the most energy efficient temperature for hot water systems. Raising the temperature any higher will reflect on your energy bills. You can also reduce water waste by installing a low flow shower head. These devices are designed to reduce the flow from your shower, without compromising on water distribution. Although everyone enjoys a relaxing shower, it is frugal to cut down your shower time and save yourself money.

Eco controllers – There are a number of devices available which are designed to control the distribution of home energy. Eco switches offer homeowners control over multiple appliances and electric fittings from a single access point. You can control lights and fans at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to switch of devices room by room. If you own a smart phone, you can also purchase eco controllers which you can operate from an app installed on your phone. That means you never again have to worry that you have left the air conditioning running when you are away from home.

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