• Safety Hazards in Roof Spaces

    24 Jun, 2015 | 439 views

    When you think of safety hazards around your home, do the roof spaces come to mind? If not, you could be missing a host of potential issues, lurking just above your head as a result of insulation installation faults or errors. These safety concerns can present a hazard not only to you and the other members of your household, but also any tradespeople or building trades professionals who enter the roof void for any reason.

    How Safety Hazards in Roof Spaces Can Affect You

    The first round of considerations when it comes to safety hazards in your home’s roof spaces applies directly to you and your family. Residents of a home with existing issues can be at risk for electric shock, and injuries associated with house fires.

    Foil insulation and other conductive materials should never be allowed to come into contact with metal downpipes, guttering or metal roof sheeting. This can occur as a result of rodent activity, lack of maintenance, shoddy electrical work or even a faulty initial insulation installation, but the result is the same: your home could be harboring an electrical shock hazard without your knowledge. Another concern related to insulation in roof spaces is the increased risk of house fires if the materials are improperly installed, or if the insulation is dislodged from its intended position as a result of rodent activity or other environmental factors. Insulation can be highly flammable, and is particularly dangerous if it comes into contact with hot surfaces, like light fittings. Electrical fires can also result from the interaction of insulation made from conductive materials and poorly completed or maintained electrical work.

    Tradespeople entering roof spaces in your home can be prone to even more sources of injury due to safety hazards related to insulation. Should the material cover any framing, for instance, it will be difficult for a tradesperson to tell if a particular frame member is capable of supporting their weight safely. This creates a falling hazard, because tradespeople may not be able to tell whether or not your roof spaces should be entered until it’s too late. Electrical shock, toxic dusts and even heat stroke are considerations for tradespeople entering roof spaces, and should all be taken as seriously as falling hazards or the risk of electrical shock.

    Keeping Your Roof Spaces Free of Safety Hazards

    Like any conscientious homeowner, you want to eliminate any potential safety hazards from your home. While it may not be possible to completely prevent injuries in and around your home, there are measures you can take to address the most egregious risks.

    The best and most effective way to ensure your roof spaces are largely free of safety hazards, especially the most serious ones associated with insulation, is to work with a professional building inspection company. A qualified inspector is trained to spot safety hazards you may miss, and can help you to prevent damage to your home, loved ones or tradespeople on your property.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the safety of your home, contact a professional building inspector today to schedule a thorough problem property inspection. With a report in hand, you’ll be able to adequately address any safety hazards in your home with ease.

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