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When Do I Need Building or Renovation Approval?

Building or Renovation Approval

Are you confused about when you need building or renovation approval? The requirements for building approval can vary and checking the requirements for your build or renovation is always recommended. Even the most simple job may require some level of permission from your local council.

Major Builds

For a new build you will need to engage a registered building contractor, implement a building contract, apply for a building permit and obtain fidelity fund insurance. Building permits are required for both the main building and any other constructions that are part of the new build, such as carports and sheds. The same approvals apply when moving an existing build to a new site.

A renovation that increases the floor area of a home also requires all permits. So if you are planning on carrying out any sort of major building work on your home, check to make sure that you have the relevant approvals before construction commences. Extensions to your home should be considered in the same way as a new build.

Moderate Renovations

Major build approvals are actually much more straight forward than renovations. With a new construction project you can safely assume you will need every approval before work goes ahead. However, the requirement for renovation approvals varies depending on the type of work being carried out. For instance, if you are making changes to a bathroom you won’t need a building permit unless you are replacing plumbing, fixtures or walls.

To undergo work such as reroofing or replacing windows, where load bearing structures are involved, this will require a building permit and it is recommended that you also have a building contract in place. It is up to you to ensure that all building work, including renovations, are carried out with the necessary approvals and permits.

Minor Building

You may believe that building a new fence qualifies as a renovation and does not require approval. However, according to the Northern Territory government you will need to seek approval, although the project may be subject to exemption. Swimming pools, on the other hand, do not require a building permit. A building contract is a recommendation but is not a legal requirement. If you are planning on installing a pool on your property, make sure to check the safety regulations for barriers around your pool area.

Retaining walls which do not act as a supporting wall are good to go without a building permit. If you have any doubts about whether building or renovation approval is needed, think about the function and scale of the build. A retaining wall supporting brickwork does necessitate seeking approval. When you are unsure about the function and impact of a structure, the onus is on you to seek any relevant approvals. The Northern Territory government wants you to get it right, so make sure to visit their website and check whether building or renovation approval is needed.

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