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    Typical Standards When Building

    4 Dec, 2017 | 24 views

    From the design process to completion, there are numerous regulations dictating the construction of Northern Territory homes. Before construction even begins on your home, there are architectural considerations which are governed by regulations and standards. Two of the main standards that apply at this stage are the Architects Act and Architects Regulations.

    In short, the Architects act provides a registration of professionals who are permitted to engage in professions relating to architecture. Architect Regulations seek to ensure that professionals engaged in architecture are held to a certain standard.

    Building Regulations

    There are also a number of standards that deal with the construction phases of building. The Building Act, Building (RBI and Fidelity Fund Schemes) Regulations, Valuation of Land Act, and Plumbers and Drainers Licensing Regulations are just a few examples. Regardless of whether you are involved in a new build or dealing with a property sale, these regulations and standards always apply.

    As a homeowner you also need to remember that regulations and standards can change. If a new law is enacted or a previous law is changed it is your responsibility to ensure that your property is compliant.

    Modern Standards

    Of course, not all standards are dictated by the government. Insulation and air flow are also important in the modern home. Having the right balance between keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter is essential to good building standards. If you ever decide to sell your home the money you invest in the bare minimum of modern standards will be worth it.

    Pest and Pollutant Control

    How sure are you that your newly built home is safe from pests? Everything from the materials you use, your foundations, to your ventilation and insulation can impact on the ability of your home to withstand the constant onslaught of Northern Territory pests.

    In addition, outside pollutants can have a devastating effect on any home. Consider adequate and appropriate ventilation and insulation for the area where you plan to live before embarking on a new build.

    Cyclone Proofing

    Since 1975 homes in the Northern Territory need cyclone proofing. If your home is in an area that is likely to be hit by cyclones you are obligated to adhere to standards that ensure your property can withstand a midrange cyclone. Even if you home was built before 1974 it is a good idea to make modifications to protect your home.

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