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Preparing Your House for Sale


Selling a home is a lot harder than you may think and many of the hurdles you will face may actually come down to your own decisions, actions, or inactions. Properly preparing your home before it is even listed will significantly increase the likelihood of attracting buyers. They say that fools rush in, so you need to take a step back and look at your home through the eyes of someone viewing it for the first time.

Distance Yourself

One of the hardest aspects of selling a property is realising that, hopefully, in the near future it will no longer be your home. In order to reach the stage where you are getting viewings you need to prepare your home so that it already looks like what potential buyers are searching for. One of the first things you will need to do in order to show a home that will sell is clear the property of your pictures, keepsakes and knick-knacks.

Part of disconnecting yourself will involve de-cluttering. It is time to let go of all that stuff you never use and likely never will. You do not want potential buyers opening a closet or a built-in-wardrobe only to find a mountain of junk. If there are items that hold real sentimental value that you just can’t part with, you should consider putting those belongings into storage until your home is sold.

Create Order

When you have lived in a home for a long time there is a fair chance that any semblance of order has been long since abandoned. Now is the time to reorganise your cabinets and any storage areas, ready for your viewings. The purpose of the exercise is not simply to display a neat and orderly home. If you arrange items in such a way that they show viewers that your property has potential, you are creating an incentive to sign on the dotted line and complete the sale.

You can alphabetise items in your cabinets, arrange items so that labels are all facing outwards, hang clothes all facing the same direction and ensure that all cutlery, utensils and dishes have a place. Ideally, your kitchen items should have a uniform theme and design, which means no mismatched plates in your cabinets. If you have to you can buy cheap items to create the illusion of the perfect kitchen and keep all your regular items in storage until the move.

Too much furniture in a show home is off-putting for buyers. If you can discard old or worn furniture, do so before your home is listed. Reducing the amount of furniture will make rooms look much more spacious in pictures and help prevent buyers from skimming past your property. You are not trying to show possessions. The goal is to provide a glimpse into your home where it is easy to see the purpose of each room and how it would work for the buyer.

Cleanup and Repairs

You may not notice it but it is highly likely that your home needs a cleanup and repair work carried out. Clean absolutely everywhere, both inside and outside of your home. That means clearing our any cobwebs, cleaning behind moveable furniture and appliances, tending to your garden and pressure washing brickwork, walls and your roof.

Carry out any minor or major repairs as potential buyers have a keen eye for defects. Once repairs are complete it is a good idea to touch up or repaint any applicable interior and exterior surfaces. Curb appeal is incredibly important as the first thing that people see when coming to view your home is the outside of the property.

If you would like a building inspection from a qualified builder, Houspect is available to offer services in the Northern Territory. Call today on 1300 258 789 for a consultation or if you have any questions about the type of inspection you may need.

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