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Useful Information when Buying or Selling in the NT

buying or selling

When you are embarking upon the journey of buying or selling a house you will hear a lot about things like curb appeal, preparing for viewers, and what to look for when you are viewing properties. These tips are most certainly useful; however, you need to actually know what you are looking for. Whether you are the person selling a home or a buyer on the markeprepart for your dream property, arming yourself with the right information will put you in a better position throughout the process.

Buying in NT

A home is not usually a short term investment. If you are planning on buying a new property in the Northern Territory, there are some factors that you will want to consider.  Regardless of whether you are a young couple buying your first home or looking to settle down with a family, it is important to make sure that the properties you view fit your needs. Being able to extend or renovate a property is one of the most important selling points for the majority of homeowners. Even if you are not planning on making any major changes to the property, there are other features you will want to check to make sure you are getting value for your money.

One of the main concerns when living in certain parts of the Northern territory is the threat posed by tropical cyclones. Homeowners will want to ensure that any properties they view are prepared for cyclone weather. Potential buyers may also wish to view building planning and logistics information to get an idea about properties on the market in a particular area. There are so many factors to take into account; it really helps to have a list of resources to draw from.

Selling a Home

On the flip side, homeowners with a property on the market will need to field a lot of questions from interested buyers. You may be asked about the potential for extending on the property, or whether you have already acquired planning permission for projects in the past. Before you even prepare to open your home for inspection, you will need to understand the responsibilities and rights that you have when selling a property. The buyer has cooling-off rights but, as the seller, you also have the right to withdraw from a sale.

The majority of responsibilities for the seller revolve around legal obligations such as insurance, using government websites and other resources to check property related information, and preparing documentation prior to and in preparation of a sale. These details only account for a small percentage of the work involved in selling a property.

Complete Buyer/Seller Information Guide

With all the possible scenarios that can crop up when buying or selling a home, having access to a centralized source of the information you might need would be incredibly useful. Thankfully, The Australian Institute of Conveyancers has compiled exactly that, through a fact-sheet that serves as a FAQ for buying and selling in the Northern Territory. You will find answers to all the questions you have about building, renovating and protection for homes throughout the state. Each link clicks through to another section of the website or a new site that provides additional resources.

Preparing yourself for buying or selling a home by doing your research may feel like a lot of extra work, but it is worth it in the long run. The overall process will be less stressful and you are unlikely to run into many if any complications at all.

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