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    Smoke Alarm Obligations in WA Homes – Non Compliant Alarms

    18 May, 2018 | 43 views

    There are multiple twists and turns with smoke alarm legislative requirements which are often raised with us so we continue to refine our communications to assist home owners, and industry professionals. Today’s update relates to smoke alarms which are integrated into household alarm systems.

    Smoke alarms that were integrated into household alarms were popular in Peth many years ago. While they are not installed now there are still many homes with these alarms installed in them.

    The key issues with these smoke alarms was that when they were triggered they activated the household alarm which could be integrated into external monitoring services or calls to home owners mobile phones.

    The challenge is that this type of smoke alarms is non-compliant with current legislation and hence cannot be relied on by the home owner if the property is leased or sold. Where these alarms have been installed they need to be replaced.

    These alarms can usually be identified by the lack of a flashing light indicating that they have been hardwired into the electrical system.

    Non Complaint Smoke Alarm Integrated into Home Alarm

    Complaint Hard Wired Smoke Alarm

    The charts below may be useful for industry professionals:

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