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    Biggest Pest Issues in Darwin

    17 Sep, 2016 | 97 views

    When it comes to pest activity Darwin has its fair share of problems. When classifying pests, in general, there are two categories. First you have native pests, which have an established ecosystem in Darwin. However, there are also a number of foreign or introduced pests, which can cause serious imbalance in the ecosystem, as well as posing a threat to Darwin homes and their inhabitants. The first line of defence in combating pests (termites etc.) is the ability to recognize them when you see them. The proliferation rate for many pests is extremely high, so it is essential that you know the early warning signs and deal with the problem as quickly as possible.

    Domestic Pests

    Pests such as termites, cockroaches, ants etc. are more than just a nuisance. These types of pest can cause significant damage to your home, leaving you with not only an infestation but the cost of repairs. A pest inspection will provide you with information on the severity of the problem, as well as recommendations for extermination and pest control. These types of pest include invasive species of insects and plants, which can cause both internal and external damage to your property.

    Some insects, spiders, and plants also cause a threat of injury or even death. The Northern Mouse Spider, for instance, has a bite which can be as serious as that of the funnel web spider. However, the bite is rarely fatal and there is an available antivenom. Spear grass is a very pervasive type of plant, which is not only a pest but can cause injury to small children and plants. As suggested by the name, the plant has seed heads which are barbed and shaped like spears.

    Introduced Pests

    One of the greatest threats to ecosystems in Darwin, and especially the area known as the “Top End” of Australia’s Northern Territory, is introduced animal and plant species. While many of these species were brought to the country illegally, others were introduced during the course of the ongoing expansion that is taking place in Darwin. These species have the potential to destroy established ecosystems and habitations, which is bad news not only for the environment, but businesses and home owners in Darwin.

    Introduced animal pests include the Yellow Crazy Ant, Cane Toad, Feral Cat, and Big-headed ant. Plants which, since their introduction, having been causing increasing problems in Darwin include Bellyache bush, Hyptis Horehound, Mimosa, Rubber Vine, and Chinese Apple. However, there are many more species of animal and plant causing concern. In fact, the Australian government are taking great strides to either control or eradicate any species identified as a serious threat to the ecosystem.

    Pest Identification

    As there are so many common pests in Darwin, it can be extremely difficult to identify the species and assess the level of threat they pose to you and your home. However, the good news is, you don’t even need to do the hard work. The Northern Territory, Government Information and Services website is an extremely useful resource, if you are having trouble identifying a pest. An extensive database of plants and pests is available; however, if you are still having difficulty identifying the pest, you can submit it for identification. The specific section of the website can be found on the “Plants Diseases and Pests” page.  Alternatively, you can have a pest inspection carried out, which will include a report on your home and surrounding property. The advantage of a pest inspection is that it further takes the onus of identifying potential pests of you, so that threats are dealt with before any damage to your property can occur.