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Dry Season – Home Maintenance to Consider

Dry season

Dry season in the Northern Territory runs between May to September. This is a good time to carry out general maintenance on your home which will help you get through everything that the elements have to offer for the following 12 months. The following is the general type of home maintenance that you should carry during any dry season.

Fire Prevention

One of the most important stages of dry season maintenance is preparing and safeguarding your property against bush fires. Clutter or dry foliage will act as fuel for a spreading fire so take steps to clean up your property and get rid of or store away any combustible materials such as wood. It is also important to check your exterior paintwork and carry out any needed repairs.

Cyclone Preparation

No house can be classified as cyclone-proof however, it is important to protect your home against the effects of strong winds, heavy rain and flying debris. Your house may be at risk of cyclone damage if elements of the house are weakened due to factors such as corrosion, rotten timber, termite attach or loose fixings. Take the time during the dry season to clean gutters and clear your yard of loose material that could become a dangerous projectile during extreme winds.

Garden Maintenance

You should water your garden occasionally in the dry season, making sure to use plenty of mulch to increase water retention where needed. Irrigation early in the morning or late in the evening will give your garden enough time to soak up the water and get the most from nutrients. The key to a healthy garden in the dry season is sustaining moisture levels without overwatering.

Air Conditioning Efficiency

If your system has not been serviced for a while, the dry season is the time to have it checked even if your unit is in good working condition.

If you have ceiling fans, set your AC relatively low and use the fans to better distribute cool air around the home. You may even want to consider investing in a smart metre that will automatically regulate the system according to ambient temperature.

Water & Electricity

Conserving water is often crucial during the dry season due to the risk of drought. If you have a rainwater tank it is essential that you follow Northern Territory government guidelines on maintenance and the use of water. You can find a lot of useful information on construction and maintenance via the NT.Gov website. In general, closely monitor your water usage by reducing shower times, or using recycled grey water from baths and kitchen appliances for gardening.

Electrical blackouts often occur in various parts of the Northern Territory during the dry season. This is usually intentional as essential grid maintenance is often only possible when weather conditions permit. Keep torches and candles in your home and, if possible, consider running your air conditioner off a generator to ensure that you can stay cool until the power comes back on.

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