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Maintaining a Great Relationship with Your Site Supervisor

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Choosing the right contracting company or builder is a difficult task whether you are renovating or building a new home. You can perform all the important checks and meet with your site supervisor before agreeing to terms, but that alone does not guarantee a smooth experience.

Once work begins it is important to maintain a great relationship with your site supervisor, anticipating and resolving any potential disputes as they occur. There are ways to handle conflicts with disputes after the fact, however, doing so can become stressful on the relationship and will most definitely impact on project timelines.

Effective Communication with Your Site Supervisor

While communication is essential, the interactions you have with your site supervisor should be effective. Mutual respect is important when discussing aspects of the build or renovation. Most major projects will take time so plenty of occasions will arise where tensions may run high. If both parties remain respectful, focusing on resolution rather than conflict, it will make for a stronger relationship.

From time to time your site supervisor may need clarification or consultation on an aspect of the project. It helps if you can provide your site supervisor with a list of contact methods and suitable times to contact you to avoid frustration and miscommunication.

Remain Open to Change

Even the best planned construction project can run into problems. In many cases your builders will not be able to build to your specific requirements or within your original budget. These scenarios can arise for a number of reasons, including unfavourable conditions on site, an increase in cost of materials, or regulations that require additional work.

Your site supervisor will discuss any necessary adjustments with you and provide recommendations. If you have performed your due diligence and are confident that you are dealing with a reputable company or builder, work with your team to arrive at a solution that doesn’t compromise your vision for the project.

Stage Inspections

There is nothing more guaranteed to cause a fall out between you and your site supervisor than defects coming to light when work has progressed well into the next stage. You should never sign off on stage of a renovation or build without first having the work inspected. Your builder and site inspector will be familiar with the process so make sure to discuss stage inspections as part of your negotiations before work begins.

You can hire an independent company, such as Houspect, to conduct stage inspections at major junctures during the project. You are then provided with reports that will help you identify any defects that need rectifying before you sign off on the continuation to the next stage.

To help maintain a great relationship with your site supervisor, employ the services of a Professional Building Inspection company such as Houspect for all your stage inspection needs. Call us today on 1300 258 789.

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