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Upgrades to Consider When Building a Home?


You are in the planning stages of building a new home so now is the best time to consider upgrades that won’t require expensive renovations.

Rather than try to adapt an existing property it is far more cost effective if you can incorporate any upgrades into the initial plans of your new build at a margin of the cost.

High-end Kitchens

If you are going to upgrade any room in the home the kitchen should rank within your top three choices. The kitchen is without doubt the heart of your home. It’s where the family gathers to discuss the business of the day or to simply relax over dinner.

Going for a high-end kitchen with custom cabinets, ergonomically designed worktops and the modern conveniences of programmable appliances will only serve to enhance the space. When designing your home, think about the functionality of the space and perhaps even consult a kitchen design specialist to assist you with the layout plans for your new kitchen.

Invest in Insulation

The type of insulation you choose for your home will have an impact on your energy costs for as long as you live in the property. You have the opportunity in a new build to save yourself a significant amount of money on your electricity bills each year by upgrading your insulation.

There are various types of insulation types, depending on where your home is located in the Northern Territory. Think also about tinting windows in those rooms that absorb the most light and heat.  This will provide your home with extra insulation from the Australian sun during the daytime.

Flooring Options

The type of flooring you choose is another area where insulation is an important factor. The good news is whichever floor construction you choose, you can still lock in heat and keep out draughts so long as you install under-floor insulation.

Proper floor insulation will prevent too much heat from travelling through the floor and lock in heat when the sun starts to go down which ensures the ambient heat in your home remains at manageable levels.

Hi-Tech Options

You could go with standard plumbing, heating and electrical systems – or you could make your life much simpler with automation. You can install plumbing and air conditioning systems that are zoned and controlled through apps and online access.

Air conditioning is not the only thing you can control remotely, either. When you are away from home hi-tech systems give you the option of monitoring and regulating the use of electricity. This level of automation will provide you with considerable savings on all your future energy bills, justifying the initial cost of the upgrade.

Houspect can provide you with expert building inspections for your new project. We have the experience and established reputation that Northern Territory homeowners have come to rely upon. Call today on 1300 258 789 to find out more about the services that we offer.



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