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Sell Your Home Faster with a Building Inspection Report

Building Inspection Report

A common misconception about building inspection reports is that they are exclusively a buyer’s tool. The thinking is that only a buyer benefits from finding defects in a home. Of course, a building inspection isn’t just about finding faults, and sellers have a lot to gain from obtaining an inspection report too. In fact, a motivated seller improves the chances of a fast sale by having the home inspected prior to putting it on the market.

A smart buyer is apt to have a building inspector evaluate a home before making an offer, and eventually learn of the home’s condition anyway. If you have an inspection report in hand, you can confidently set an asking price, with no fear of any unsuspected issues surfacing later during negotiations.

Additionally, you can instil confidence in your prospective buyers who will have more faith in both the house and you, which can really help expedite the sale. A clean bill of health in the form of a structurally sound inspection report is a strong marketing tool for you and the realtor to show prospective buyers. Knowing that the home is move-in ready will help you get maximum selling price with minimal resistance.

What If There Are Problems?

If on the other hand, a pre-purchase inspection were to uncover any issues with the house, the buyer is likely to not only feel apprehensive about buying the house, but also misled by you for not being forthcoming. A defect in the home may not break the deal if the buyer is made aware of it up front; but that same defect will more often than not be a barrier if it turns up during the buyer’s building inspection.

Even if you choose not to make any needed repairs yourself prior to the sale, you can still set a solid asking price based on an accurate appraisal of the home’s current condition. That means less renegotiating, streamlining the process toward a quicker sale. Either way, a building inspection report is a benefit to you as a seller.

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